All about Testosterone and Common Ailments

Natural testosterone is a kind of steroid hormone which is secreted in males’ testicles and in females’ ovaries. The natural testosterone is essential for both health and well being. In men, it plays a vital role in the development of male reproductive tissues like the testis and prostate and additionally it promotes secondary sexual characteristics such as increased muscle and bone mass and growth of hair body. These hormones are also capable of preventing medical ailments.

Biological Effects of Testosterone

Aside from developing reproductive organs and secondary sexual characteristics studies have also shown several biological effects of natural testosterone. It enlarges different parts of the body. Because of the fact that men have more testosterone than women they have larger hearts, lungs and livers. Levels of natural testosterone also affects brain functioning thus also affects thought patterns. This can be seen by how testosterone regulates acute Hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis (HPA) and how it responds to environmental changes. Furthermore, natural testosterone affects brain’s perception as well as your motivation to exert physical energy which includes your libido.Testosterone and Common Ailments

The natural testosterone levels of the body can also be attributed to some health issues. Take for example a man with testosterone levels that are above average, he is less likely to experience blood pressure, less likely to have a heart attack, less likely to experience weight control problems and lastly he is less likely to suffer from poor or fair health. One should know that this is not a cause and effect relationship but rather a by-product of having natural testosterone that course through your veins.

Increase Natural Testosterone

To naturally increase your testosterone levels you must change your lifestyle and below are some of the most basic.

Diet – Eat healthy fats like Omega-3 fats such as those that comes from fish, nuts, some fruits and olive oils. All of these are needed by the body in order to be able to produce natural testosterone. One should include healthy fats in his diet of about 20% to 30% of his caloric intake to increase level of testosterone.

Lose Weight – fat in the body contains an enzyme known as aromatase which converts natural testosterone into estrogen which lead to a drop of testosterone level. In this case, lose weight, do some workouts and do not reduce your calorie intake because the body stops producing testosterone together with other hormones when it thinks it is in survival mode due to a decreased in calorie intake.

Get Enough Sleep – if the body is deprived of enough rest, the body will not be able to perform its important biological functions like the production of natural testosterone. According to Chicago researchers, there are as much as 40% decreased in testosterone production in men who do not get six to eight hours of sleep at night.

Lessen Stress – the body if under stress releases the stress hormone called cortisol which stops the production of testosterone. If a person constantly stressed out, he is always not producing natural testosterone which his body requires.

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