Let’s Talk about Testosterone for Easy Muscle Growth

Testosterone is a hormone that is naturally produced in the body and is what one needs for body building and in getting bigger. It depends on the testosterone levels of one’s body how he develops bodily growth which is beneficial when trying to achieve muscle gain. In this article you will find out on how and why testosterone helps with muscle gain and how it is increased in a natural way.

Importance of Testosterone

Does everyone know what testosterone does and why it is needed in the body? First of all, testosterone is a steroid hormone which is secreted in the male testes and in ovaries of females. Testosterone plays an important role in bodily functioning such as high testosterone levels contribute on facial growth, overall hair growth, muscle growth, bone growth and sexual desire. If there is deficient testosterone in the body, the body may experience less hair growth in the body, less muscle but more body fat, weaker bones and muscles and reduced sexual desire.Testosterone for Easy Muscle Growth

Testosterone production increases in people aging early mid 20s up to late 40s. Once the production of testosterone declines during aging, people may begin losing their hair, experience muscle and bone pain and lessened sex drive.

Testosterone for Muscle Growth

How does testosterone affect bodybuilding? As a person work out his body produces higher amount of testosterone which later increase muscle growth. What makes this possible? Testosterone is necessary for muscle growth in a way that it creates an overall effect where the body builds muscle with less effort and thus provides the muscles with more energy and at the same time increase activity of growth. At times more bodybuilders prefer to take synthetic steroids to increase muscle growth and performance as well. The fact is this is possible at first but at the end it can lead to negative long term effect.

Increase Testosterone Naturally

You have learned about the importance of testosterone and its important role in the body, here are a few things you can do to boost its production in order to promote more and a healthier body.

Get more zinc – this prevents testosterone from converting into estrogen (female hormone). This also turns estrogen into testosterone and it produces healthier sperm as well as higher sperm counts which result to more testosterone.

Avoid Stress – under stress releases the stress hormone called cortisol which stops the production of testosterone. Try to avoid overtraining and you must control your temper.

Have enough sleep – based on a study in the University of Chicago men should have at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep a night to get enough testosterone in the body. As also noted in a study by the University of Carolina, testosterone levels can be lowered by 40% if one does not meet the required hours of sleep.

Lift Heavy Weights – helps the body cope up with increasing testosterone levels so that the muscles will not feel too much intensity or stress from workouts and thus make them stronger and bigger.

Do leg workouts – squats and lunges are great ways of increasing testosterone.

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