Testosterone and Andropause Treatments Explained

There can be hormone changes noticeable in men as a result of testosterone deficiency. In this article you will be encountering the treatment options for these hormone changes including their pros and cons.

Treatment Options for Hormone Changes

The treatment options for testosterone deficiency can be categorized into two based on where the testosterone replacement comes from.Testosterone and Andropause Treatments

I. Internal testosterone stimulants – the internal stimulants which are mostly natural come from stimulating the testes.


  • Diet – Intake of high protein snacks before bedtime can lead to growth hormone production. However, you must avoid eating and drinking from plastic containers because these petroleum based containers may dissolve into your foods and act like estrogen known as xenoestrogens.
  • Exercise – Resistance weight training helps stimulate testosterone production. You should involve more muscle groups and more intensity for a better result.
  • DHEA – Increase testosterone levels and supports healthy immune function and mood.
  • Androstenedione, 19-Norandrostenedione, etc. – although these are moderate testosterone stimulants, some have been banned with the 2004 controlled substance act.

Herbal Treatments

  • Eurycoma longifolia – this herb decreases SHBG thus increases free and active testosterone.
  • Ginseng – this is an androgen stimulant.
  • LH Analog – this is a strong testosterone stimulants through direct action on the testes same like how the body naturally produces testosterone.

II. External testosterone supplementation – in here the testosterone supplementation is through topical or intramuscular injection. This can include topical gels and creams as well as injectables like:

  • Cypionate – it has long half life and is superior to Enanthate for keeping steady levels.
  • Enanthate – although it reaches peak levels faster, the levels drop very fast also so it is more difficult to maintain steady levels.
  • Pellets – this is not well used because levels cannot be adjusted if problems regarding dosage may occur. Opening the body is also required to insert the pellets.

Internal Stimulants versus External Supplementation

Internal stimulants are best recommended for small hormonal changes however if you have already used internal stimulants and are not effective then you may use external supplementation with testosterone. For larger testosterone deficiencies, external supplementation is the only way to achieve the desired levels.

Advantages of Testosterone Therapy

It improves blood sugar regulation, decreases LDL cholesterol and decreased triglycerides. Most men also notice that they increased their energy level and loss some weight. For men who have erectile and libido problems, testosterone can remedy these issues. These are the two main reasons of correcting hormone changes.

Disadvantages of Testosterone Therapy

The very first risk of testosterone therapy to be aware of is about prostate health. Although testosterone supplementation can improve prostate health it can increase the size of the prostate in some users. So therefore it is necessary to monitor the size of the prostate. The increase of testosterone level beyond normal can lead to an increase of estradiol and dihydrotestosteroen which can lead to hyperplasia of the prostate. Other risks are increase in the production of red blood cells known as Polycythemia but this can be easily fix with a therapeutic blood donation.

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