Testosterone and Its Effects on Performance

Testosterone levels in men affect both physical performance and physical appearance of a person. The use of testosterone supplements among people are very common nowadays for the reason that they are effective for what men and women desires especially with things related to physical performance.

Knowing Testosterone

Testosterone is a kind of anabolic hormone which is naturally produced in the human body’s testes and adrenal glands. It is the one responsible for some natural characteristics which include fitness and strength, bone density, competitive feelings and sex drive as well. Usually the testosterone level in men is higher than in women throughout the entire life although they tend to fall down after men reach their mid 20s. Testosterone is also responsible for puberty in both boys and girls, including growth spurts and normal sexual development.Testosterone and Performance

Testosterone Deficiency

For no apparent reason, some people produce less testosterone as compared to others. This does not cause big problems anyway, however it can lead to a deficiency to some people. Once a person has low levels of testosterone or has deficiency of this hormone, this guy will experience muscle loss, loss bone density, low libido, fatigue, an increased in fat weight, wrinkled skin and depression.

Testosterone Supplements

Intake of testosterone supplements can remedy this type of deficiency. Once the testosterone level is increased, one will experience an improvement with hand-eye coordination and improve healthy body-fat composition. This, we can say that testosterone is an essential hormone that is good for the body.

Another thing which healthy level of testosterone can do is that it enhances athletic performance thereby it is often used by athletes. At the same time, it helps develop bone and muscle strength.

Testosterone Supplements to Athletes

Athletes who took supplements improved their performance but this is considered as unnatural advantage. The truth is testosterone supplementation is banned completely in most sport arenas.

However there are several sport leagues and some sport competitions which do not conduct test for testosterone and other supplements and this includes bodybuilding and power-lifting. The supplement is capable of increasing muscle size, mass and strength. It also enhances energy levels and it intensifies feeling of anger and aggressive behavior.


Using testosterone supplement outside the bounds of sports is acceptable by doctors as well as other practitioners as long as it is done in a prudent and safe way. Moreover, old age men are usually prescribe with testosterone supplements as this can help them with chronic cardiovascular disease control and it can also make them look and feel better.

However, everybody are advised to use them with caution since according to researchers there are not enough thorough studies regarding the long term effects of these supplements. You can conduct some research of your own as much as you can and do not take it lightly upon deciding what is right for you. And always remember to seek advice from your health care provider or from some experts.

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