Testosterone Deficiency and Obesity Link Discussed

Testosterone is a male hormone which the body produces naturally however as one reaches the age of forty, testosterone level declines. Testosterone increases sex libido among men in addition to maintaining muscle mass in the body and enhance formation of bones. Other functions include improving oxygen levels and controlling blood glucose throughout the body. It also strengthens the body’s immune system. At the age of 40 when levels of testosterone begin to diminish in men, the levels of the by-product prolactin of testosterone in men increases and stimulates the production of the enzyme 5-alpha reductase which results to the conversion of testosterone to gihydro-testosterones DHT and this triggers low testosterone levels.

About Obesity

Most obese men suffer from high levels of estrogen and estradiol since the male hormones are converted into estrogen as the fat cells synthesize the aromatase enzyme. Based on a study, fat tissues have proven to aromatize testosterone leading to an increase of estrogen.Testosterone Deficiency and Obesity

Obesity as Caused by Testosterone Deficiency

The production of aromatize enzyme in fat cells and the intake of saturated fat are the usual reasons of testosterone deficiency.

  • Aging – as a person reaches the age of 40 he has hard time losing weight due to the fact that his prolactin level gets high and this condition stimulates the conversion of dihydro-testosterone resulting in increased levels of estrogen whch can lead to the snlargement of prostate and abdominal fat among men.
  • Insulin Resistance – a low level of testosterone increases insulin in the bloodstream which reduces glucose. Hypoglycemia can lead to constant craving for sugar. Because of too much insulin release of fat is prevented which might result to fat build up and obesity.
  • DHEA deficiency – dehydroepiandrosterone is a substance produced by the adrenal gland and is the precursor of estrogen and testosterone. Deficiency of DHEA can lead to fatigue, poor memory, fat build up and affects overall body functions.
  • Aromatase – this is an enzyme that aromatizes androgen and produce estrogen. Aging people produce greater amounts of aromatase enzyme which causes the conversion of testosterone into estrogen which lead to testosterone deficiency and obesity.
  • Vitamins and minerals deficiency – these two are natural aromatase enzyme inhibitors that hinders the conversion of testosterone into estrogen.

Symptoms of Obesity as Caused by Testosterone Deficiency

  • Reduced sexual function
  • Loss of muscle mass
  • Loss of bone density
  • Craving for sugars
  • Loss of memory
  • Poor concentration
  • Overweight and abdominal fat

Prevention and Treatment

There are different natural remedies that can help increase testosterone and help lose weight like foods, nutritional supplements and some herbs.


  • Eggs – one egg a day can help increase production of testosterone.
  • Cold water fish – contains vitamin A and zinc which helps bind sex hormones especially testosterone and estradiol.


  • Yohimbe – helps increase testosterone levels and reduce appetite.
  • Saw Palmetto – helps with estrogen and estrogen receptor activity that can lead to a healthy hormone balance which enhance sexual desire among men.
  • Tongkat Ali – helps increase testosterone by stimulating the leydig cells of the testicles so that it will produce more testosterone.
  • Reishi – helps protect the liver from toxins and at the same time protects the lungs from pollutants thus eliminate the surplus of estrogen and sex hormone binding globulin and assisting the release of HGH.
  • Horny Goat Weed – helps treat low levels of testosterone and increases sexual desire as well.
  • Garlic – this is a stimulant that helps increase men’s libido by promoting sex hormone production in the pituitary gland.

Natural Supplements

  • Zinc and Iron – promote healthy prostate glands that increase the release of prostate fluids  which helps stimulate sexual desire by increasing the production levels of free testosterone.
  • Choromium picolinate – it stabilizes blood glucose levels and stops craving for sweets, helps increase lean body and reduce insulin resistance too.
  • DHEA – allows the body to produce testosterone.
  • L-carnitin – takes out the fatty acids inside the cells and burns them up.

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