Testosterone Enanthate as a Type of Testosterone

Testosterone Enanthate is another type of testosterone described as a single-ester and has a long-acting testosterone steroid that helps with muscle size as well as with body weight. Since it is capable of performing different tasks, it can be combined with other steroids for better functioning. You will know more about testosterone enanthate and what it does to the body as you continue reading this article.

About Testosterone

For many years, there are several types of steroids that exist in the market but up to now testosterone is the only one that reigns as the best body building supplements ever. Although there are high risks of side effects that accompany it especially in its conversion of endrogenic form (DTH) in androgen response tissues. Anyway what makes them famous is their effect on muscle building and performance enhancement. Testosterone is known to be very effective for body strength enhancement and increasing muscle size because of their ability to encourage hormonal outputs, and in their ability to utilize glucose and upgrade androgen receptors.Testosterone Enanthate


It was in 1935 when testosterone is isolated when they are conducting experiments over androesterone and in 1939 Adolf Butenandt who is a German scientist shared a Nobel Prize with Leopold Ruzicka, a Croatin scientist for their initiative to create artificial testosterone. At first, the synthetic testosterone were used to treat production of hormones and sexual development but later on used to treat non-medical problems by athletes and weightlifters. Again in 1950s, they change testosterone structurally producing more powerful steroids like dianabol. And now there are the Testosterone Cypionate and Enanthate which are considered as enhancing performance drugs.

About Testosterone Enanthate

Testosterone Enanthate is described as a single ester and long acting form of steroids which is capable of muscles growth and improves body weight. Because of the fact that the drug has a slow effect, it is suggested to be use at least eight to ten weeks. With just one injection a week Testosterone Enanthate promises instant gain in muscle mass however as we mentioned earlier it comes with high risk of side effects. Other testosterone steroids such as propionate and suspension testosterone are also effective for muscle building and body weight but they cannot defeat enanthate in terms of efficacy.

Effects of Testosterone Enanthate

Testosterone Enanthate is injected once a week and effects can only be noticeable after long use. Usually they are used from 6-10 weeks and are taken between 200mg and 600 mg each week. Testosterone can be used in different manner and can even be used together with other steroids for better effects. Too much use of Testosterone Enanthate can result to gynecomastia, body fat gain, water retention, headache, and affects blood lipids negatively. To minimize these side effects, have proper healthy diet and have regular exercise. Use only Testosterone Enanthate under the supervision of medical experts and because of their strong androgenic in nature it is not highly recommended for female use.


Throughout the course, one should incorporate proper diet and regular exercise. Consumers must purchase good quality of these drugs based on the reliability of the supplier. Look for trustable websites online and compare products cost and be sure to choose a supplement that fits your needs. This requires consultation of your doctor.

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