The Testosterone and Hair Loss Relationship

“Hair Loss” are two words in the English language that seem threatening. Both men and women may shrink once they come to think about losing their hair or even just the thought of thinning. Since it is considered as an epidemic, it is important to conduct some research in order to know the cause of the problem. In previous years, clinical studies attribute hair loss to high amount of DHT in the body system.

All about DHT

A derivative of testosterone, DHT when produced in high levels can lead to “androgenic alopecia.” This condition shows that the body has a lower level of testosterone and that it cannot maintain strong hair follicles. The AHLA mentioned that high levels of DHT accompanied with a genetic predisposition to balding are the two culprits of hair loss. This is the main reason why men suffering from hair loss begin to take testosterone supplements.Testosterone and Hair Loss

Benefits of Testosterone Supplements on DHT

There are many people who suffered from hair loss so it can be impossible to totally stop testosterone from converting into DHT. Anyway, there are these testosterone supplements that can assist in stopping the conversion of testosterone into DHT.

One good benefit we can get from taking in testosterone supplements is that they supply the body with more testosterone thereby the body can maintain high level of testosterone even some are converted into DHT.

Boosting testosterone with supplements does not only help combat the effects of hair loss but it can also enhance workout performance, increase libido, overall mood and the ability to gain muscle faster.

Choosing the Right Testosterone Supplements

If you have tried taking supplements or multivitamins, you must be aware that not all products have the same benefits or provide the same effects. This is why it is very necessary to make some research about each testosterone supplements regarding their ingredients, side effects and effectiveness.

Keep in mind too that most of the testosterone supplements are made specifically for those searching for help with their muscle growth or those who want to increase their workout benefits. Remember too that all of them can increase testosterone levels and that they minimized the possibility of hair loss or the effect of it.

Many believe that by reading some product reviews, they can learn a lot about them already. In these reviews, they choose a specific product, for example Cellulor P6 Extreme, they analyze its ingredients, know how well they had worked for some people and would recommend if they can boost testosterone. You can keep on reading through reviews to be able to find the right supplement that fits your requirements.

Untangle Hair Loss

Besides having different types of treatments and procedures to combat hair loss, it is necessary to understand the cause of it as this can help you in looking the right product that can truly help with the problem. If your doctor recommends adding testosterone supplement in addition to other treatments for your hair loss then you do.

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